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 Every student has to carry his/her identity card for identification purposes, to be produced on demand.

Each student should attend the classes in the prescribed uniform.

 A student is to maintain 85% attendance in all the subjects. If a student is short of attendance in one subject, he/she will be detained in the same class.

 Industrial visits to factories, mills, workshops are arranged from time to time. These educational trips/tours have a great significance; so it is mandatory for every student to be present and participate on the day of industrial trip/tour.

A disciplinary action will be taken against the student using unfair means in Sessionals/University examinations.

 All the students have to maintain a day to day record of their work and observations in the Practical Training Diary during practical training.

The educatees’ belligerent attitude is a reasonable ground to expel him/her from the institute.

 Drinking of alcohol is strictly banned. If a student is found in the state of intoxication and smoking in the campus, he/she will be expelled from the institute with immediate effect.

 Ragging is a crime and a punishable act. Any student found involved in this act, he/she will not only be suspended immediately, but viewed seriously.

 The students who involve themselves in fighting will lose the right to be the students of the institute.

 Involvement of a student in strike is an act of gross indiscipline.

 Instigating the peers is a punishable act.

 Rash driving in the campus is strictly prohibited.

Institute fee is to be paid well in time to avoid any inconvenience.

 No student is permitted to leave the campus before prescribed time and without proper permission by the authorities of the institute.